Deborah Mckendrick has been involved in the creative industries her entire working life.

In 2019 she began painting portraits and large-scale figurative works whilst working towards her first art exhibition.

“Deborah’s style of painting is expressive and bold, yet there is a sensitivity and vulnerability in her brush strokes and in the portrayal of her subjects. Her larger figurative works reveal an energy and spirit which is experimental and unapologetic. She also dabbles in the digital world, overlaying her photographs of landscape and people to create more mysterious images that become inspiration for larger works”.

Her lifelong cross pollination between such different and varied artistic careers and interests (Fashion, Graphic Design, Costume) have given Deborah an amazingly varied platform for creative expression and an enviable skill set. She continues to fuse these together to create works of exceptional quality, inventiveness and a ‘joie de vivre’.